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  • Photos of CLFPs at the 2016 NEFA Spring Summit
18 photo(s) Updated on: Wed, October 19, 2016
  • The newest CLFPs were presented their plaques by Reid Raykovich, CLFP and Bob Fisher, CLFP
  • Daryn Lecy, CLFP receives his plaque
  • Mikki Henkelman, CLFP receives her plaque
  • Jim Peach, CLFP receives his plaque
  • Beth McLean, CLFP receives her plaque
  • Kristian Dolan, CLFP receives his plaque
  • Chad Oleson, CLFP; Mikki Henkelman, CLFP; Jim Peach, CLFP; Kristian Dolan, CLFP
  • Joe Leonard, CLFP - 2016 NEFA Spring Finance Summit Conference Chairperson
  • Mae Philpott, CLFP and Stephanie Hall, CLFP
  • Marc Keepman, CLFP and Mae Philpott, CLFP
  • Marc Keepman, CLFP and Spencer Thomas, CLFP
  • Melissa Fisher, CLFP and Steve Reid, CLFP
  • Nancy Geary, CPA, CLFP and Andrew Nere, CLFP
  • Nancy Geary, CPA, CLFP and Bruce Smith, CLFP
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