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2018 Contributors

Individual Partners

Benefactor - $250+

Donnie Bunn, CLFP
Jeff Elliott, CLFP
Bob Fisher, CLFP
Paul Fogle, CLFP
Rick Galtelli, CLFP
Lisa Genereux, CLFP
Jaime Kaneshina, CLFP, BPB
Marc Keepman, CLFP
Joe Leonard, CLFP
Brian Link, CLFP
Jarrod Michel, CLFP
Drew Olynick, CLFP
Kevin Prykull, CLFP
Reid Raykovich, CLFP
Candace Reinhart, CLFP
Pete Sawyer, CLFP
Marci Slagle, CLFP
Amy Spragg, CLFP
Don Wampler, CLFP

Sponsor - $100 - $249
Alliance Capital Corporation (MN)
Teresa Billick, CLFP
Jack Harvey, CLFP
Bob Humber, CLFP
Brad Harmon, CLFP
Mae Philpott, CLFP
Colin Rosenmeyer, CLFP
Russ Runnalls, CLFP
Guy Selinka, CLFP
Kevin Vick, CLFP

Supporter - $50 - $99
Bill Banfield, CLFP
Bud Callahan, CLFP
Steve Crane, CLFP
Ron Gonzales, CLFP
Paul Knowlton, CLFP
Dan Nelson, CLFP
John Rosenlund, CLFP
David Salome, CLFP
Stephen Stuesser, CLFP
Carl Villella, CLFP

Contributor - $25 - $49

Katherine Harris, CLFP
Jake Cutler, CLFP
Robert Knudson, CLFP
Raphael Lavin, CLFP
Kathy Nordendahl, CLFP
Derek Nutley, CLFP
Kendra Rothschild, CLFP
Rosanne Wilson, CLFP

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