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2016 Contributors

Individual Partners

Benefactor - $250+

Bob Fisher, CLFP
Rick Galtelli, CLFP
Theresa Kabot, CLFP
Jaime Kaneshina, CLFP, BPB
Reid Raykovich, CLFP
Pete Sawyer, CLFP

Sponsor - $100 - $249
Paul Fogle, CLFP
Dwight Galloway, CLFP
Steve Geller, CLFP
Brent Hall, CLFP

Jack Harvey, CLFP
Robert Knutson, CLFP
Shari Lipski, CLFP
Colin Rosenmeyer, CLFP

Supporter - $50 - $99

Ann Holder, CLFP
David Lempko, CLFP
Brian Link, CLFP
Carl Villella, CLFP

Contributor - $25 - $49

Jake Cutler, CLFP
Raphael Lavin, CLFP

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