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The committees are responsible for generating new ideas and the support to see them become reality. A committee may, depending upon its charter and specific needs, have a number of subcommittees to help divide the activities into more manageable chunks. CLFPs are encouraged to take the opportunity to get involved and help advance the CLFP Vision.

ALFP Committee

This committee will create and update as needed, an instructor repository for the Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals.  In addition, this committee will be tasked with updating the Academy slides, determining Foundation staffing needs at the Academy and facilitate group interaction for attendees.

Nathan Gibbons, CLFP (Chair)
Amy Spragg, CLFP

Body of Knowledge Committee

This committee supports the ongoing update of the Body of Knowledge which is reviewed and edited annually.  

Kevin Prykull, CLFP (Chair)
Chris Enbom, CLFP
Lia Wax, CLFP

Exam Committee

This committee reviews sections of the exam and suggests essay questions that may be used.

Andrew Eller, CLFP (Chair)
Todd Buzard, CPA, CLFP
Michael Green, CLFP
Amy Spragg, CLFP
Dean Ward, CLFP

Handbook Committee

This committee reviews the contents of The Certified Lease & Finance Professionals" Handbook annually and makes recommendations on edits and content.  

Marketing Committee

This committee supports the strategic initiatives for the Foundation each year which are determined by the Executive Committee.  

Jason Seitz, CLFP (Chair)
Roberta Condidorio, CLFP
Brian Schonfeld, CLFP

Nominating Committee

Responsible for choosing nominees among those CLFPs in Good Standing to stand for election to open positions on the CLFP Board of Directors for the current year. 

The Board of Directors is comprised of 10 CLFP volunteers, seven elected and three appointed by the three supporting industry associations: ELFA, AACFB and NEFA.  Elected Directors serve for a two-year term and Appointed Directors serve a one-year term.

Stephanie Hall, CLFP
Mae Philpott, CLFP
Marci Slagle, CLFP

Recertification Committee

This committee determines the subject and comprises the content for the annual industry knowledge review.

Marci Slagle, CLFP (Chair)
Nancy Geary, CPA, CLFP
Kevin Prykull, CLFP

    Member Talk

    "I believe the CLFP designation gives ECS Financial Services, Inc. an additional level of credibility. While our CPA designation says we know accounting, the CLFP designation tells clients and prospects that we also understand the leasing industry. Obtaining the CLFP designation was a great start to establishing a reputation of expertise in the industry, which I believe is critical to the success of any service provider."

    Nancy A Geary, CPA, CLFP
    ECS Financial Services, Inc.
    Recipient of the 2013 Cindy Spurdle Award of Excellence
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